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Tine 2.0 and Brazil – a strong connection


In July the first German-Brazilian Tine 2.0 developer meeting took place in Hamburg

We have a strong connection to the Brazilian company SERPRO. The company is part of the Brazilian federation and acts as IT service provider. So, for example, visa applications or the payment of pensions for the Brazilians pass through SERPRO's server. With 10,000 employees SERPRO is the largest IT business in Latin America.

SERPRO is planning to migrate all 10,000 employees' accounts on Tine 2.0 until the end of this year. That will be the largest Tine 2.0 installation worldwide. Besides SERPRO isn't just operating Tine 2.0 for themselves but also for several ministries, e.g. the Ministry of Finance as well as for the Brazilian president. All in all more than 30,000 people in the Brazilian administration use Tine 2.0.

As part of these activities SERPRO develops enhancements to Tine 2.0 on their own and adjusts Tine 2.0 to the requirements of the Brazilian administration. For a better coordination of these tasks the first German-Brazilian developer meeting took place in Hamburg. As part of the meeting it was discussed, which adjustments of SERPRO could become a part of Tine 2.0, what applications might be developed in the future and how the cooperation could be coordinated even better.

To meet the other developers at SERPRO, Lars Kneschke, product manager for Tine 2.0 at Metaways, was invited by SERPRO to attend the CONSEGI conference in Brazil. This conference was hosted by SERPRO and addresses primarily decision makers in the public administration to promote the use of Open Source at the public authorities. In the course of the three-day conference Lars gave several lectures and workshops.

As next highlight of this cooperation soon a module for online training will be implemented in Tine 2.0, which was developed by SERPRO.

Tine 2.0 ensures safety in Brazil

Particularly exciting is the collaboration with SERPRO because Brazil is one of the countries that significantly resists the espionage activities of the NSA. As one of the most spied on countries Brazil has repeatedly sharply criticized the U.S. and the government has initiated wide-ranging measures to protect communications in their country.

In September the Brazilian government announced, that until the end of the year a free encrypted email service shall be provided for the Brazilian population. The Brazilian post (Correios) will provide the service and SERPRO will take over the development. The basis for the email service is the communication platform Expresso, which SERPRO has developed with us on the base of the Open Source groupware Tine 2.0. Expresso is already used by 700,000 people and has more than proven itself.

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