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TINE 2.0 – Metaways presents a new Major Release of Open-Source-Groupware Tine 2.0


Tine 2.0 is one of the leading Open-Source-Groupware solutions. It combines classical email and calendar functions with department-specific applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Time recording or Human Resources Management. Teams working together can considerably simplify their processes using the web-based software.

Metaways has now released a new Major Release of the solution. One focus of development was to further improve user friendliness of the Tine 2.0 calendar. For example, appointments/meetings can now be simply copied, exceptions for serial appointments can be easily implemented and it is easier to select participants for appointments and meetings. The calendar history now provides eve more transparency: users can identify at all times which participants have been invited to a meeting at what time and when they have agreed to come or cancelled.

Metaways has also adapted data import from the Open Source communications platform Egroupware to its latest version for the ne Major Release. Other innovations of Tine 2.0: the integrated Human Resources model can now organize vacation and sick days and receipt confirmations can now be requested and sent using the email Client. In addition to specific functions, the performance of the system has also been improved: Server load is now much lower for data synchronization of Tine 2.0 with Smartphones.

Full-Service Hosting Packet

Metaways also now offers its Open Source Groupware as a software service under the name of „Tine 2.0net“. Within the scope of a Full-Service Hosting Packet, companies receive a perfectly pre-configured system which can be used to full capacity after a brief installation period. The SaaS solution runs in the certified Metaways computer centers in Hamburg, whose infrastructure is designed for high availability and which complies with the highest security standards.

„With Tine 2.0net we provide companies with an all-inclusive carefree packet from under one roof. We handle ongoing system monitoring, platform management and software servicing for you“, explains Lars Kneschke, Team Leader Business Solutions at Metaways. „This ensures our customers receive a high-performance, user-friendly and flexible Groupwares solution with the support of an experienced Full-Service provider.“

The new major Release is now available and can be downloaded free of charge at www.tine20.org/de/download.html

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What IS Tine 2.0net

Under Tine 2.0net, we provide you with Tine 2.0 groupware and hosting from Metaways under one roof.
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In the development of our software Tine 2.0 the continuous advancement is very important for us.
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  • Packages with 5 users
  • including e-mail account for each user
  • 5 GB Cloud Storage
  • only 3 months minimum term
  • Software Maintenance and Support Manufacturers
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  • groupware
  • CRM
  • time Tracking
  • HR Management
  • webbased
  • Smartphone synchronization