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Tine 2.0 supports Active Directory


Metaways presents with „Collin“ a new major release of Tine 2.0org. The Open Source groupware was considerably enhanced by the full service IT-provider from Hamburg. Metaways published a new major release of the Open Source groupware Tine 2.0org named „Collin“. Tine 2.0org is the community version of the Open Source groupware. In collaboration with the community, improvements are carried out in its current version and then added to the next release of the Enterprise version. The commercial version of the groupware solution is offered by Metaways as Tine 2.0. Amongst other things the supported infrastructures were extended considerably.

The new top features in overview:

  • Support of Active Directory: The software can now be implemented in Active Directory structures. So users can generate and administer new user accounts and groups directly from within the groupware. This way the software can be straightforwardly implemented in a Microsoft environment for the first time in its history.
  • Support of ownCloud sync clients: The Open Source groupware can now work as server for ownCloud clients. This makes the sync between several devices and smartphones very easy.
  • Support of Cal/CardDAV: The new version now supports the CardDAV eM client. In addition, new tasks can be generated and administered via CalDAV. With this enhancement Tine 2.0org's support of Cal/CardDAV is one of the best on the market. With these protocols users can administer all of their tasks, appointments and contacts.
  • Add attachments: To all kinds of data inside the groupware attachments can now be added. E.g. an appointment in the calendar can have a meeting agenda attached, which will be automatically sent with the invitation via email.
  • Enhancement of the HR module: In the HR module of Tine 2.0org annual, sick and special leave can now be documented as well as the overall leave of an employee. The system will check if the employee still has enough annual leave left, even while the record is entered. For the records of sick leave it is now possible to differentiate between unexcused and excused absence. Unexcused sick days can simply be changed into leave days.

Apart from these top features the new major release offers lots of small enhancements to make the use of the software even more comfortable and secure. The login in Tine 2.0org can now be done alternatively with a certificate, so that there is no need for entering username and password in the browser. In the Sales application cost centers can be defined, which can be repeated in all applications. Thus all data can be filtered for cost centers. For administrators it is now possible to set a time frame for which previous appointments will be synced with smartphones. This especially pays off in large installations as the CPU requirements can be reduced considerably.

„Due to its extensive enhancements, the new major release is a milestone in the development of Tine 2.0org“, says Lars Kneschke, Product Manager Tine 2.0 at Metaways. „Apart from several other improvements the possiblity of implementing the Open Source groupware into Microsoft infrastructures is remarkable.“

The new major release „Collin“ is available now and can be downloaded for free at www.tine20.org/download/download.html

For further information regarding Tine 2.0 and commercial services please visit www.tine20.com.

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