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Tine 2.0 integrated in the Univention Corporate Server


The open source groupware Tine 2.0 is now available for download in the Univention App Center. The main developer of Tine 2.0, Metaways in Hamburg, is represented as a sponsor on the Univention Summit 2014.

With the Univention Corporate Server (UCS ), the Bremen-based company Univention offers a Debian-based solution for an economic operation and easy administration of server applications and complete IT infrastructures. The standardized open-source system can be implemented with little effort and is also suitable for distributed, heterogeneous and virtualized environments.

Numerous certified applications for this platform are available for download in the Univention App Center. They can be easily installed on the UCS with only a few mouse clicks and thus are quickly ready for use. One of the latest additions of the App Center software is Tine 2.0. The leading Open Source groupware solution combines classic email and calendar functions with area specific applications such as customer relationship management, time management or human resource management. Collaborative teams can significantly simplify their processes with this web-based software.

When installing from the App Center Tine 2.0 completely integrates in the Univention infrastructure, for example in the directory services and email backend of the platform. By integrating, the groupware also extends the UCS by synchronization interfaces such as ActiveSync and CalDAV. This provides users with a perfectly matched overall solution.

The Univention App Center is also one of the main topics on the next Univention Summit on January 16th in Bremen. Partners of the company, software vendors and UCS-user get together to learn about the latest developments from Univention. The Hamburg-based full-service IT provider Metaways, the main developer of Tine 2.0, will support the event as a silver sponsor and participates in the conference program with the elevator pitch "Tine 2.0 - from project to product".

"We are delighted to be represented with Tine 2.0 in the Univention App Center ," says Lars Kneschke, Product Manager Tine 2.0 at Metaways. "UCS represents the simplest solution to run Tine 2.0 in an integrated environment. User, companies and agencies get a complete solution with which they can meet their needs cost-effectively."

"Tine 2.0 is an exciting alternative to established collaboration solutions. The software provides features that go far beyond the capabilities of some of Microsoft Exchange ," says Peter Ganten, Managing Director of Univention. "That's why it fits perfectly into the App Center for our Univention Corporate Server."

For more information and commercial services to Tine 2.0 can be found at www.tine20.com.

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